An Apple Tree

Hidden behind the pond, amid an impassable tangle of invasive honeysuckle, there once was an enchanted apple tree. It took two years for me to find, two summers to unwind things and enter into the other side of my pond. There were no apples on its branches last year – but this spring there are large, fragrant flowers! I brought a few of the blooms inside, and now they’re sitting on my desk as I type. Perhaps a boon to my creativity, a boost to my mood, a bit of scented spirit of the wild and unfound things that I share my home with?

Fairytale-esque, to me,
This hidden apple tree.

I don’t know whether this tree was a deliberately planted addition or whether it volunteered its presence… But I found an ID guide which should help me narrow down what type it might be. Perhaps in time I might gather bits from all the apples around to learn, and have their stories told together.

The apple tree by the pond
A closeup of its flowers

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